Expired UAE Visa-Holders will have NO Overstay Fines, FREE Coronavirus Tests even for Overstaying Individuals

As the majority of businesses and industries have taken a blow from the massive effects of the coronavirus ever since it has been declared a pandemic, the UAE government, for its part, has actively undertaken measures to minimize the spread and effects of the virus among its residents and extended communities.

Aside from enforcing travel restrictions and the stay-at-home campaign, the government has also taken into consideration individuals whose visas have expired in this matter.

uae no overstay fines for 3 months

No Penalties for Expired Visit Visa or Residence Visa Holders for Overstaying, FREE Coronavirus Tests even for Overstaying Individuals

Considering this, those affected include residents and visitors in the country, especially those who worry about incurring overstaying fines and medical test fees, as shared in a report by Emarat Al Youm.

As per the Director-General of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA) in Dubai, His Excellency Major General Mohammed Al Marri, the decision is in line with the UAE government’s measures to expats and visitors who are currently staying in the country.

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Ensuring the Safety of Front-liners by Undergoing Medical Tests 

Additionally, Al Marri assured the public that all of the country’s front-liners at the Customer Happiness Centers are free of the virus, as he reported that all of them have undergone medical tests.

Al Marri also pointed out that the government has also been able to ensure the safety and protection of all frontline personnel at Dubai airports, land ports, and sea ports – even during the early stages of the outbreak.

Moreover, if residents have any queries about their visas, the Director-General urged them to contact the administrator’s toll-free number, 8005111.

In a statement, Al Marri shared: “With the onset of the crisis, the administration began preparing and strengthening work in the call centers, which provide services in most languages for the nationalities present in the state ” 

The Director-General also commended the administration’s timely initiatives that have helped prevent the spread of the virus. Of note, these initiatives included the remote issuance of visas and the transition to remote work among employees.

Here’s a post on Twitter about the said announcement:

Free Medical Tests Extended Even to Residency Violators

Apart from the abovementioned initiatives, the UAE government has also implemented measures that would not only benefit citizens but also visitors and even residents with violations by including them among those to receive medical testing to prevent the spread of the virus in the country.

In line with this, the Director-General also urged everyone to continue abiding by the measures and procedures set by the government to effectively contain and combat the spread of the virus among communities.

With these important measures in place – no overstaying fines and free medical testing for all – UAE residents are assured of their safety, health and overall well-being during these times of fear and crisis in other parts of the world. But having said that, everyone of us should also be responsible for our health.

This means that we need to follow safety and hygiene protocols such as frequent handwashing, staying at home and observing social distancing when going out. And finally, part of being responsible for our own and community’s safety is supporting only trustworthy news articles from official sources as this will prevent misinformation and spreading fear which could potentially lead to panic and a bigger disarray if not contained.


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