UAE Tells Residents to Stay at Home Except for Absolute Necessity, Malls Close, All Flights Suspended

In a series of announcements published on the official UAE government news agency, WAM, government authorities have made decisions to help combat the pandemic, which has affected thousands of lives globally.

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Please be aware of these important announcements and abide by these policies as we all work together to prevent the spread of the virus.

  • UAE residents advised to stay at home except for essentials like buying food and medicine as well as performing essential jobs.
  • All flights in the UAE are suspended for 2 weeks starting March 25. This includes inbound and outbound flights, as well as transit flights. This does NOT include emergency and repatriation flights. — this is subject for re-assessment
  • Malls and commercial centers to close for 2 weeks starting March 25, including fish, vegetable and meat markets. Restaurants limited to serving home deliveries. — this is subject for re-assessment
  • Car owners to carry a maximum of 3 passengers per car.
  • Residents advised not to go to public places and to practice social distancing during family gatherings.
  • Avoid visiting hospitals except for emergency situations. Use a face mask when going to the hospital.
  • Additional instructions to be issued for those using Public transport, taxis and others.
  • Follow these rules or else face jail and fines as per UAE law on communicable disease.

uae updates stay at home

Previous implementations include

  • Private and Public beaches, pools, cinemas, gyms and health clubs closed for 2 weeks.
  • Entry Ban for Visa on Arrival Passengers
  • Schools closed for 4 weeks.

Below are the recent announcements posted on WAM’s Twitter account:

Announcement for residents to stay at home:

Report as per WAM:

Everyone advised to stay home except for absolute necessity: UAE government 

The UAE government has urged the public to stay at home unless it’s absolutely necessary to get essential supplies, such as food and medicine, or perform essential jobs.

In a joint statement tonight, the Ministry of Interior and the National Emergency and Crisis and Disasters Management Authority urged UAE citizens, residents, visitors and all those living in the nation, to comply with the instructions and guidelines issued by competent health and security authorities, primarily limiting social contacts and avoiding crowded places to ensure their safety and wellbeing.

“The public are also urged to use their own family cars with a maximum of three individuals per vehicle. They are also advised not to visit public places and maintain social distancing protocols during family gatherings as part of the precautionary measures taken to ensure public health and safety,” added the statement.

The two authorities also urged everyone not to visit hospitals except for critical or emergency cases and to use face masks.

“Additional instructions will be issued later involving the use of public transport, taxis and other means of transportation,” said the statement.

The UAE law on communicable diseases, which includes fines and jail terms, will be enforced against all violators, added the statement.

Announcement on suspension of all UAE flights:

Report as per WAM:

UAE suspends all inbound, outbound passenger flights, transit of airline passengers for two weeks 

The National Emergency and Crisis and Disasters Management and the Civil Aviation Authority have decided to suspend all inbound and outbound passenger flights and the transit of airline passengers in the UAE for two weeks as part of the precautionary measures taken to curb the spread of the COVID-19.

The decision, which is subject to re-assessment, will take effect in 48 hours.

In a statement today, the CAA said cargo and emergency evacuation flights would be exempt, taking into consideration all the precautionary measures adopted as per the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and Prevention.

“Additional examination and isolation arrangements will be taken later should flights resume in order to ensure the safety of passengers, air crews, and airport personnel and their protection from infection risks,” said the statement.

Announcement on closure of malls/shopping centres:

Report as per WAM:

UAE government to close shopping centres for two renewable weeks

The UAE has decided to close all commercial centres, and shopping malls along with fish, meat and vegetables markets for a renewable period of two weeks.

In a statement today, the Ministry of Health and Prevention and the National Emergency and Crisis and Disasters Management Authority said the decision will take effect after 48 hours, and will be subject to review and re-assessment.

The decision excludes pharmacies, and food retail outlets, including cooperative societies, grocery stores, and supermarkets, along with fish, meat and vegetables markets dealing with wholesalers.

Under the decision, restaurants will not be allowed to receive customers. Instead, their services will be limited to home deliveries only.

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