COVID-19 Cases in UAE Reach 1024 as 210 Cases and 35 Recoveries Announced

The latest numbers as of April 2, 2020 mention 210 confirmed cases in the UAE. This makes the total number of infections in the country to 1024. This was shared in a post from the official Twitter account of the Dubai Health Authority and the Ministry of Health and Prevention.

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Aside from the new cases, authorities also reported 35 recoveries which makes the total number of recoveries in UAE to 96. Total number of deaths is 8.

The newly reported cases were caused by not adhering to the preventive measures, not following social distancing protocols, and a also came from travels abroad.

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Below is the full statement from MOHAP regarding this April 2, 2020 update:

The Ministry of Health and Prevention today announced 210 new cases of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, in the UAE, bringing the total number of cases to 1,024.

The new cases were detected upon examining people who came in contact with previously infected patients and did not adhere to preventative measures or maintain sufficient physical distance. A number of these cases resulted from international travel.

The newly diagnosed patients of various nationalities are in a stable condition and receiving the necessary medical care.

The Ministry also announced the full recovery of 35 more individuals after receiving medical care, bringing the total number of those cured of the virus in the UAE to 96.

Below is the Twitter announcement of MOHAP:

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