Dubai Police Fines Pilot for Yacht Party with 25 Guests

In a post shared by the Dubai Police, a pilot has been slapped with a AED 10,000 fine for organizing a private yacht party that violated announced precautionary measures against COVID-19.  The party was attended by as many as 25 guests who also did not comply with the social distancing measures or wearing face masks.

To everyone, be advised that organizing a party warrants a Fine of AED 10,000 for the host, and AED 5000 for the attendees. We have not overcome the crisis and authorities are strictly implementing policies for our safety.

dubai police yacht party fine pilot

dubai police fine pilot yacht party

Dubai Pilot Fined with AED 10,000 for Yacht Party with 25 Attendees

Please be aware of the safety measures imposed by the authorities in order to avoid further cases. We all need to stay responsible in ensuring with maintain social distance and develop these safety practices as these are all for our own benefit.

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Below are posts from the Dubai Police social media accounts regarding this incident:

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