Do’s and Dont’s: How to Draft Your Resignation Letter

Resigning is a part of employment unless you will dedicate your expat life to one company in the UAE. Although there is no standard being followed when writing a resignation letter when you resign from your employer in the country, it’s still an essential thing to remember that your resignation letter is mandatory if you want to leave your job or change your employer.

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If you haven’t experienced writing a resignation letter before, this article will give you helpful tips on how you can successfully draft your first letter and be able to submit it to your employer without a problem.

Do’s: Tips on how to write your resignation letter in the UAE

As a word of advice, keep the tone of your letter as professional as possible and keep it simple. After all, many expats in the UAE are non-native English speakers, so simplicity is a key factor in composing a letter. Below are some more tips:

1. Write your resignation letter professionally.

The first step in making a good resignation letter is writing it with professionalism. Use the common language utilized in your workplace so your employer can understand what you are trying to say. If English is used, write your resignation letter in English. If the company requires you to write it in Arabic, follow the instructions so you can formally leave your company.

A resignation letter is often a formal way to let your employer know that you want to exit the company formally. You should be professional in all possible means so you can resign without violating any company rule.

2. Look for a template online

If you don’t know how to compose a resignation letter at all, you can look for a template online as your guide. Usually, a resignation letter contains a header, a body, and your signature. The person you should address in your letter is your employer or manager. You should also sign the letter at the end as it is one of the requirements.

3. State the reason why you are resigning

Your resignation letter should state the reason why you are resigning. There are a couple of reasons why. Your resignation letter is your way to tell your employer if you are not satisfied with your current compensation, if you want a better career, if you are leaving the UAE for good, and other things that will refrain you from going to work.

4. Be honest in your letter and provide your feedback about the company

When stating your reason for resignation, don’t be afraid to provide the real information. This is not the time for you to lie to your employer. Be as honest as possible in your letter and provide feedback to your company. If your employer has been good, this is one way you can tell him about your experience. Utilize the space you can use in the letter and give your message with integrity.

5. Thank the company for keeping and recognizing your hard work.

Your resignation letter is also a way to show your gratitude to your company. At the end of the letter, thank your employer for keeping you and recognizing your hard work. You will make a positive impact if you do this. Based on experience, some expats go back to their previous employer. If you will end your resignation letter positively, you will have a chance to apply again in the future without shame.

Dont’s: Things to avoid when writing a resignation letter

After following the tips above, below are some important key points in avoiding when you are writing your resignation letter:

1. Don’t curse at your employer.

You and your employer are still bonded at this point prior to your resignation. One thing you should avoid is cursing your employer through your letter. If you are angry because of poor management, this is not the way to release your emotions. Your employer can still file a complaint against you especially if you will say things that violate morals within your workplace.

2. Avoid giving false reasons that can put you in trouble.

Do not give false reasons if you know that there is still a chance that you would go back to your previous employer. Honesty is not that hard to exercise. Avoid giving false information that can put you in trouble.

3. Don’t let your resignation letter become a source of a fight within your workplace.

Leave the company with peace and do not let your resignation be the source of a fight in your workplace. Remember the reason why you are resigning. If you are looking for a better career, you might want to leave your previous company without trouble.

4. Don’t disclose anything confidential in your resignation letter.

Remember that your resignation letter is not a gateway for you to disclose any confidential information about your colleague or your employer. Avoid this and you will be able to leave the company at peace.

5. Don’t threaten your employer.

Avoid threatening your employer in your resignation letter if you don’t want to face punishments. Threats are not tolerated in the UAE. Remember that your employer can still sue you or file complaints against you if you will do anything that can harm your employer and the company.

When resigning in the UAE, you don’t need the acknowledgment of your employer. As long as you finish your contract and you are leaving the company without breaching anything, you can leave your work after submitting your resignation letter. Most expats in the UAE submit their letters as a formal exit.

You might want to talk to your employer about the end of gratitude pay, NOC, and other related documents that will prove that you left your previous job without issues. You will be able to use these when you look for another job in the country.


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