How to Claim House Security Deposit Refund

Accommodation is one of the essentials you need if you are an expat in the UAE. You have to secure your accommodation first before you fly in the country so you wouldn’t have to deal with troubles later on. And in case you are spending for your own apartment, make sure that you have enough money to pay for the security deposit and advance payment.

Some employers are shouldering the accommodation of expats in the UAE. If you will be lucky to find a company or employer who will do the same, you don’t have to worry about finding your own place and paying for the security and advance deposit. However, there are employers who opt-out of accommodation as an employee benefit. And in that case, you have to find your own place before you start working in the country.

In terms of the home security deposit, did you know that there are rules and regulations on how you can claim it? In this article, we will give insights on how you can make a refund under certain circumstances.

What are security and advance deposit for?

Usually, the landlord will ask you to pay for a security deposit and advance payment before you move in. The security deposit serves as your fund equivalent to your one month rent that you can refund when you move out. This is where your landlord deducts any expenses related to repairs, maintenance, and unpaid bills. On the other hand, the advance deposit is simply a monthly rent paid in advance. You can use it during the first month of your stay in the property. This is consumable, not refundable.

Top 10 Tips To Claim your Home Security Deposit Refund

  • Understand the tenancy contract before you sign.

When looking for accommodation, you should look for a tenant who discloses everything about the place in a tenancy contract. All the terms and conditions must be set out in this document before you and the landlord sign it. You should check and understand the content first before you agree with everything that’s in it. Some of the things should look out for is the condition of the property, the term of the contract, the total rent monthly, the penalties and charges, and the security and advance deposit. Anything that is related to payment should be there.

  • Ask for clarification from your landlord.

In case you are confused about a thing in the tenancy contract, don’t forget to ask your landlord for clarification. This is the best way for you to understand the content of the tenancy contract. If you won’t clarify, the landlord may have different explanations which can be a problem in the future when you move out. Don’t be ashamed to ask. Remember that you are the tenant here. You need to make sure that everything is clear between you and your landlord so you can live peacefully until the end of the contract.

  • Make sure that the amount you have to pay is clear and fixed.

Anything that is related to the payment should be fixed and cleared in the tenancy contract including the main rental fee and any fees attached for the maintenance of the property. You should also be able to identify if your landlord is trying to scam you by including vague items in the tenancy contract. If you see suspicious items that you need to pay every month or if the landlord is requiring you to pay higher rent monthly, this is something to be concerned about. Your contract should be firm and clear not vague.

  • Get an inspection report from your landlord.

A check-in and check-out report are necessary when you are moving in or moving out. Both of you and the landlord should do the inspection. Before you move in, ask your landlord to tour you on the site and at the same time, give a check-in report that states everything about the condition of the property. And when moving out, let the landlord expect the property so you will both know if there were changes from the time you move into the time you move out. Get a check-out report when you move out.

  • Before you move out, settle all your bills.

Don’t forget to settle all your bills including electricity, internet, and water. It’s not appropriate to leave the property with unpaid bills because if you do, you will not be able to refund your security deposit. You have to make sure that everything is settled before you leave and before you ask for refund. Else, your landlord will use your security deposit to pay for your unpaid bills.

  • Look for the damaged areas of the house and do minor repairs.

You should inspect the property before you move out and before you tell your landlord that you are leaving. The reason for this is that you can prepare to do minor repairs if needed. Make sure to check the living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. Check the walls, door, flooring, and ceiling as well. Restore the property into its good state before you leave.

  • Repaint the walls and ceiling.

If you have stayed in the property for years and you haven’t repainted the walls yet, now is the time to do it. Ensure that before you leave the premise, the walls and ceiling are in good condition. You can save more money if you are going to do the repainting yourself unlike when you ask your landlord to do it. It will be easier for you to repaint by yourself. You will save more if you will do the labor.

  • Move out your furniture.

Days before the end of your tenancy contract, move out your furniture and bring it to the new place where you are going to live. Remember that you invested in your furniture and fixtures. You need to bring them when you move out so to save costs from hiring someone who will take them out for you. Keep in mind that whatever you leave behind will be in the possession of your landlord.

  • Do general cleaning before you move out.

Finally, clean the property. Get rid of the clutter as much as possible. Don’t leave anything behind, even your trash. In this way, your landlord will be happy to accept your turnover of the property because it is clean and in a good state. General cleaning will also help you discover other stuff that you should bring with you when you move out.

  • Ask for your refund kindly.

After making sure that everything is clean and properly organized, it’s time to ask for your refund kindly. Ask your landlord for any deductions if any. Inform him that your bills are fully paid and there is nothing to repair anymore because you did them already. Help your landlord inspect the property for easier assessment.

Accommodation in the UAE is essential. You should find a place before you can finally work and live here. In case you are worried about where you can find one, ask your friends who are staying already in the country. You can also search the internet for vacancies. To help other expats, don’t forget to share these tips!

Disclaimer: is an informational site only and should serve as a guide. For updated details and policies, always contact proper authorities for assistance. If you are facing challenges at your work, please contact the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) or previously known as UAE Ministry of Labour for guidance. You may also seek help from a lawyer regarding your case.

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