COVID-19 Cases in UAE Reach 85

A recent announcement from the Ministry of Health and Prevention mentions that the total number of infected persons with COVID-19 new coronavirus has risen to 85. This was reported by state-run Emirates News Agency (WAM), where the 11 cases were confirmed on 12th March, 2020. By the numbers, the total number of cases in the UAE is now 85 where 17 have recovered.

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The report mentions that these cases are of different nationalities which include the following:

2 Italians
2 Filipinos
1 Montenegrin
1 Canadian
1 German
1 Pakistani
1 Emirati
1 Russian
1 British

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uae covid-19 cases 85

Below is the full statement from MOHAP

11 new cases of covid uae 11 new cases of covid uae 11 new cases of covid uae

11 new COVID-19 cases in UAE: MoHAP

(WAM) — The Ministry of Health and Prevention, MoHAP, has announced 11 new cases of the coronavirus, COVID-19, in the UAE on Thursday.

According to a statement released by the Ministry, the individuals were placed under quarantine as suspected cases subsequent to their entry into the UAE. Following required testing and monitoring, the individuals were confirmed positive with COVID-19, it added.

The total number of positive coronavirus cases in the UAE has now reached 85, the MoHAP statement affirmed.

The 11 individuals diagnosed with the new coronavirus include two Italians, two Filipinos, one Montenegrin, one Canadian, one German, one Pakistani, one Emirati, one Russian and one British citizen.

MoHAP confirmed that the cases are being monitored, and individuals are currently in a stable condition and are receiving all necessary health care required.

MoHAP assured that medical facilities have been equipped with all the necessary medical equipment and supplies to provide care and take all measures required to deal with COVID-19, including airborne infection isolation rooms, following World Health Organisation, WHO, standards.

The Ministry advised the members of the general public to adhere to preventative health and personal hygiene measures to prevent the spread of the epidemic.

It noted basic protective measures such as the frequent washing of hands; when coughing and sneezing to cover mouth and nose with flexed elbow or tissue and discarding of the tissue immediately; and to seek early medical care if symptoms of fever, cough and difficulty in breathing arise.

The Ministry also advised individuals with respiratory illness symptoms to avoid mixing in crowded places. It also called on members of the public to seek information from official sources, and avoid the spreading of misinformation.

Source: Check out the statement below from the Ministry of Health and Prevention about the 11 additional cases:

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