10 Things To Remember During Your Job Interview in the UAE

Whether it’s your first time being an expat or you are planning to change your employer in the UAE, you have to be prepared for your next journey no matter what. Preparing for your job interview should be your next priority after sending your applications to your prospective employer.

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Remember that the interview is another qualification for you to get your position you are eyeing for. You need to ace it if you want to get into the company you are applying for. And, in case you don’t have experience in job interviews yet, this article will give you the best tips to pass your interview in the UAE.

how to pass job interview

Top 10 Tips To Pass Your Job Interview in the UAE

Please see these 10 good tips to guide you when you have an interview coming up. We hope you find this guide helpful and your interview will be successful!

1. List down the possible questions during the interview.

Most employers and companies use the same questions during the initial interview. For instance, you will encounter the phrases and questions: tell me about yourself, what are your experiences, what are your skills, why should we hire you, etc.

To prepare for the job interview, make sure to list the questions so you can answer each of them thoroughly. You can search the internet for possible interview questions too. Remember that you need to answer the questions in English.

2. Answer the questions you list down and memorize them if you can.

Use the universal language to answer the questions you just listed down. If you can memorize them, the better so that you can answer the questions straight. Many expats are doing this while preparing for their job interview since it’s challenging to do impromptu.

Moreover, having answers to possible interview questions prior to the interview will save you from anxiety, especially if you have no idea what the questions will be. This will help you avoid stuttering and shaking while answering to the person in front of you.

3. If you can’t memorize the answers, just make an outline to serve as your guide.

Memorizing the answers to the interview questions is effective, however, not all expats can do that. If you can’t memorize, read your script multiple times a day before your interview. This will help you remember some of the important key points.

It will also help you structure an outline that will serve as your guide when answering interview questions. You can create your own strategies to make this step effective.

4. Be confident when answering the questions of the HR manager.

Show that you are confident during your interview. Again, practicing at home will prevent you from stuttering and shaking. You have to show the HR manager that you can answer the questions confidently.

In this way, you can show him/her that you are ready to take the position you are applying for. Don’t forget that confidence has a score too.

5. Don’t show that you are nervous.

During the interview, don’t show that you are nervous. Speak calmly and prevent yourself from shaking. Speak in English fluently so your employer in the UAE would know that you are ready not just for the interview but for the job as well.

Expats who can speak well in the universal language usually get more jobs than others, especially if the position requires intellect. Think of the HR personnel as your friend to help you ease the anxiety and nervousness you are feeling.

6. Smile during the interview.

Be as friendly as you can during the interview. Smiling is one way you can show that you are confident and qualified to be a part of the company. The HR personnel is surely observing how you behave.

If you will show him/her that you are glad to be a part of their candidates, you will surely have more chances of getting chosen.

7. Build rapport with the person you are talking to.

Building a relationship with the staff of the company as early as the job interview will help you ace it. You can do this step by engaging in a conversation with the HR personnel you are talking to. Expect that he/she will ask personal questions if necessary.

Don’t hesitate to answer so your conversation can flow until you build rapport with the HR.

8. Ask questions about the company.

After letting the HR staff ask you the interview questions, there will come a point that you will be given a chance to ask about the company. For sure, you are curious to know the history and current status of the company you want to work for.

Ask as many questions as you can including how the company was founded, its financial performance, the number of employees, the salary rate they are offering, and so on. An interview is an event where you will know more about the company where you want to work.

9. Ask questions about the experience of the HR personnel you are talking to.

After asking questions about the company, ask questions about the experience of the HR personnel. In this way, you will know the experience of the actual employee in the company.

Although most of the answers you will get are positive, it’s still something you can rely on, especially if the HR personnel has been in the UAE for quite a while now.

10. Start and end the interview with a greeting.

You should always be polite during the start and end of the job interview. Employers in the UAE want employees who are polite and respectful. If you are applying in a big company, your attitude matters. So, don’t forget to greet the HR personnel once you enter the interview room.

You will definitely ace the job interview if you will follow the top 10 tips provided above. This will be helpful for expats who are just venturing into the corporate world in the UAE and those who are changing employers. If you want to land a good job without struggling too much, always practice answering your interview questions at home.

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