COVID-19 Cases in the UAE Reaches 45

A recent announcement from the Ministry of Health and Prevention mentions that the total number of infected persons with COVID-19 new coronavirus has risen to 45. This was reported by state-run Emirates News Agency (WAM), where 15 cases were confirmed in the early hours of 7th March 2020.

The report mentions that there were 15 newly reported cases, all of different nationalities. 13 of these cases came from travels abroad while 2 had close contacts with infected persons during a recent cycling event held in the country.

In the same report, 2 Chinese patients aged 38 and 10 have recovered, bringing the total to 7 recovered cases in the UAE.

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Ministry of Health and Prevention Announces New Cases of Coronavirus in UAE

As per statement from MOHAP, the early monitoring and reporting system has screened 13 COVID-19 cases for:

  • 1 individual each from Thailand, China, Morocco and India,
  • 2 individuals each from Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia and Iran, and
  • 3 individuals from the UAE.

All these (13) cases above arrived from abroad.

  • 2 cases, each from the UAE and Egypt were diagnosed after being in close contact infected persons from the UAE Tour cycling event.

The total newly confirmed cases above as of 7th March 2020 is 15, and the total number of coronavirus cases in the UAE has reached to 45, where 7 have recovered.

On another note, the report also mentions that 5 individuals have been screened and are under quarantine after having been in close contact with infected persons.

The Ministry and all other governing bodies are constantly monitoring the cases to prevent and contain the virus.

Here is the announcement from the Ministry of Health and Prevention from their official Twitter account:

The Ministry has advised the general public to take precautionary measures and follow proper hygiene procedures to prevent the spread of the disease. Also to avoid going to public places while the virus is being contained.

It has also called residents to refrain from spreading rumousr and to follow the official websites of the UAE authorities for news and updates.


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